Monday, June 1, 2015

Penalties of Cyber Bullying

A lot of people think that cyber bullying is just fun and games. But when they get caught and someone finds out that they were cyber bullied there can be really and penalties of cyber bullying. A lot of states of a law and policy about cyber bullying. If you do cyber bully another person and you are caught you can have bad punishments such as being put in jail or maybe a juvenile detention center. But depending on the state the penalties can be really bad or sometimes just a warning depending on what the states law says. Some students have been put in jail for cyber bullying  others have faced suspension from the school or maybe even expulsion. You can also be fined for cyber bullying like in Wisconsin its says on the fox news website ( that children found cyber bullying can be ticketed for it. Kids think cyber bullying is a joke and its all fun and games until a child tries to commit suicide and they find out who the cyber bully was. Then they say they didn't mean to do it and there were having fun but they have no idea how the other person feels until they here there name on the news.

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