Friday, May 1, 2015

Ways to prevent cyber bullying?

Ways to prevent cyber bullying is...

1. Don't Respond// don't react thats what the bully wants

2. Don't retaliate// if you retaliate it turn you into the bully and change the bullies behavior

3. Save the evidence// do this just in case things escalate

4. Talk to a trusted adult// you might need backup. Always trust a parent and if not then maybe go to your counselor

5. Block the bully// use the privacy tools and block the bully

6. Be civil// even if you don't like that person don't sink to there level

7. Don't be a bully// how would you feel if someone harassed you? Don't do it to someone else

8. Be a friend, not a bystander// let the bully know that his actions are unacceptable

9. Don't blame yourself// its not your fault so don't blame yourself for something you didn't start

10. Don't beat yourself up// don't waist your time beating yourself up. Talk to somebody

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