Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Effects of Cyber Bullying

When kids are cyber bullied kids start to change and cyber bullying puts different effects on people but not for the good but for the bad. When kids are being bullied and keeps getting progressively worse kids start to skip school because they don't feel being somewhere they don't want to. They start drinking and smoking and start killing there lungs at a young age by smoking and drinking and they mess up their health. They start receiving poor grades because they don't show up for school and skip and go where they want and they don't turn in work so there grade keeps dropping and dropping. Also they start having a lower self- esteem. They start feeling like everyone dosn't like them and nobody want to hang around and the things the cyber bully says he/she believes that it is true and thats when they think about suicide. Speak up and stop cyber bullying today.

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