Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Case Study on Cyber Bullying

One case study was a new kid at school. His name was Henry he was really shy and from out of the state. He was online one day and started looking through a social media site that had student pictures on it. One of the pictures was him and it was labeled as "the fat nerd" He replied to pic and said his opinion about it. The posts become more nastier and the student started laughing at him and started making loud comments in lunch and on the play ground. The teachers over heard it and asked Henry about it. He told them about the social media page and how he thought it was cyber bullying because what they said about him. The told there teachers that they have a zero-tolerance about kids getting cyber bullied and did something about it as soon as possible. They found out who the leaders were and had help from their parents. They had the creator of the website take it down and the school officials had sessions for the parents about cyber bullying and how to prevent it.

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